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Cross Country Camp… thus far

This week I’ve been up at Cross Country Camp and let me tell you it has been a hard, tiring, crazy yet really rewarding experience. We took up 20 of the faster kids on the team, and sadly left about 50 behind :(, and planned out a week of running, activities, cooking meals and team bonding. I am exhausted and it’s only Wednesday.

Big Bear Lake RunSo far this week, we’ve done a lot of workouts. We drove up Saturday and did a 4 miler that evening. I REALLY felt the altitude that evening, but how can you not love running when the scenery is so amazing. The first few days we were here there were chances of thunderstorms so the sky was so amazing. The clouds were puffy and had so much color.  Though it looked pretty out, I felt like I couldn’t run at all and was sucking wind with each step. The hills felt like I would never get over them. Sunday was our long run that we did on a pretty hilly trail. It was a beautiful run even though it was really tough for me on the way up. The view of the lake was amazing and made the hard parts of the run worth it.

Towne Trail Run, Big Bear Training CampMonday, I woke up with a lot of pain in my big toenail. I sometimes get ingrown toenails and this was unfortunately the case. I tried running in the morning and couldn’t. That afternoon, the two other coaches held me down as I screamed and pulled it out and cut it. By 4 pm, I was running again and did 3 miles. It is amazing how much it helps and the pressure is relieved so quickly.

crosscountrytampYesterday they had a workout and I had to run to the store and start breakfast earlier for them. I ran 2 miles to the park, dropped them off with the other coaches, ran 2 miles back, put breakfast in the oven and then drove to the store to get more milk and hamburger buns for dinner. It was perfect timing because I got back right as they were arriving and my timer was going off for the oven. Then we also did a shake out run in the evening with another really large group up here which was really fun! So ended with 8 miles for the day.

big bear trail runThis morning we ran with another school in our league that is up here training as well and I got in 5.75 miles. I was planning on running in the evening, but I was so tired and just took a nap and started dinner instead. My lungs are finally feeling better but it’s really hilly up here and I’m not used to that but I think about how it’s helping my training and it will be great to run back home with this week under my belt.

Big Bear Training CampThe thing that has inspired me most up here is the beautiful areas that we get to run in. It’s so serene and quiet and the views are amazing. I love it because it’s so different from where we live and it’s motivating to think what might be up ahead if you just keep running on the trail.

Cross Country Camp at Big Bearxoxo

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