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August Beginner Marathon Training Schedule

This is month two for my 26 Strong candidate and she is doing really well! The first month we ramped up her mileage gently and this month we are starting to build on her normal base of her long run being 6 miles. This past weekend she ran 9 miles and though it was difficult at the end, she finished it and told me she was feeling a bit sore but got through it and I am so proud of her for following the schedule each week and I chat with her 2-3 times a day, just seeing how she’s feeling and with any tips that might help her out during her runs.

On her last long run she was having some blister problems, so I let her know a trick I always do when I know I’m running far. Slather your feet in Vaseline in between your toes and heels so it will add some lubrication with the rubbing while running.

Beginner Marathon Training Plan - Month 2Click here to download the monthly plan in PDF form

I know next weekend will be a really big moment for her when she finishes her 10 miler. I still remember the first time I ever ran 10 miles and how amazing I felt after. It was the longest I had ever run and how important it was to me when I was training for my first half marathon. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for her! The whole project has been really fun thus far because when I check in with her it’s always really cool to hear how her progress is and how she is feeling. As we get into the higher miles, I know I will need to keep her encouraged and looking forward to race day when it will all pay off.

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