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Running and Crafting

I signed up to run the Legacy Summer Nights 5K tomorrow night and I’m interested to see how my speed is! This week I ran a few times, after I took a week break, I started feeling MUCH better and my legs were much happier. I haven’t done any “speed work” in a little over a month, so when I tried to run a 6 miler with some faster mile it was much harder than I remembered! At least it was a nice cloudy morning for a run and the park was empty.

long-beach-running-heartwell-parkFor my speed work run, I started off slower, doing a 2 mile warm up keeping my pace at 8:00 and then tried to push myself through the next three, which was difficult. I finished those three in 7:12, 7:08, and 7:37. Tomorrow evening is the 5K and I think I should finish around 22:00. It will definitely be interesting to see how my speed is in such a short distance. I can’t even remember the last time I ran a 5K and it will also be a great test for the upcoming La Palma 10K that I run every year.But first, let me take a selfie

I’ve also been doing A LOT of workouts in the gym with weights to try to get toned for our trip to Mexico. I really don’t do much exercise besides running, so I was really sore at the beginning, which was in mid-April, but now I’m in more of a routine. I also took it very light when I was training for the Marathon in May. The workouts I’ve been doing seem to help give me definition in my arms. I have a little under 30 days left to really work hard and eat healthy, I’m trying my hardest! I love this shirt because whenever I wear it I feel like a lighting bolt!

This weekend I also got the chance to go to an Angel game with Shea, where we talked a lot of wedding and the Angels swept the Rangers. I’m getting so excited for her Bachelorette Party, Shower and wedding. This fall is going to be so crazy for us, but so fun.

I have a few crafting for her shower and wedding posts and home updates coming up that I have been meaning to post but just kept forgetting. I have been crafting a TON for her stuff and it’s been so fun even though I’d be more than okay if I never made another tissue paper tassel in my life. Maybe buying them on etsy would have been an easier option.


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