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Rough Week

This past week, I didn’t want to run. My back was hurting, my legs were super heavy and I just felt so exhausted. I couldn’t get back into the rhythm that I had before the race. Then I realized, HELLO. I needed to take a little break and let my body fully recover. I sometimes get so nervous and think, if I take time off, I’m going to lose my speed, just like how Steve Carrel says in 40 Year Old Virgin, “Is it true, that if you don’t use it, you lose it?”I should know better that I’ll be fine for a few days and instead I’ll come back stronger than before and feeling refreshed.

Right after the race I was on a running high and wanted to hop back to it without taking any time off. My excitement and love for running was great, but didn’t last and I ended up feeling horrible. Though I felt decent on my first few runs back, my toes were still recovering, so last Thursday, I decided I will take a week off from running and see how my feet are after a week break. I finally felt like I really wanted to run on Saturday so off I went. Running is so different when I really WANT to run. I think it’s so important to not run to ‘run’, but to run because you want to. It makes every run so much better. I’ve really realized that a lot this year with my goals of running with a purpose.

Getting Faster in a YearOnce I started out, I felt pretty good and just let my legs do the work. Just as I thought, I wasn’t winded and felt so much better after a break. I ran the same exact route I usually run for a 4 miler, and finished at the gym. I was looking through my runkeeper app at my runs that I was doing a year ago and realized how much faster I got in just a year. I’m posting what I’ve been doing workout wise tomorrow that has helped me get faster!

It’s pretty crazy to see the actual times and how they compare on the same exact run.  It’s motivating to keep working hard and pushing myself! I have signed up for a few 5Ks and the 10K that I run every year on the Fourth of July, so I’m interested to see how fast I can run them. I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of pushing myself hard and not being afraid of the pain.

Also, this week Cross Country season has started and I cannot even put into words how excited I am. I LOVE cross country and it’s so exciting to start fresh. Even though practice is at 6:30 am daily, I wake up so excited to get out there to run and laugh with the team. I know with hard work and consistency this year’s team can do some awesome things!



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