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26 Strong with Saucony!

26 Strong Program with SauconyI’m super excited to announce that I will be a part of the 26 Strong Program with Saucony! When KSwiss discontinued my shoes that I was running in last fall, I struggled to find a pair of shoes for my apparently super sensitive feet. I ran in a few different brands and within 2-4 miles of running in shoes, if they weren’t going to work, my toes started bleeding. It’s so strange and discouraging because I wanted to find a shoe that worked for me. I finally tried out the Saucony Guide 7’s and after a few runs with them I realized that I had found a winner! My feet were happy and I’ve put over 815 miles on 3 different pairs of Guides since I started running in them.

When Saucony reached out to me regarding the 26 Strong program, I was both honored and flattered! I love their shoes and this is an awesome opportunity to train a ‘cadet’ to their first marathon. I immediately thought of one of my best friends, Nina, and her little sisters Andi and Natalie. They all love to run and we had talked about running a half or full together at some point, but it was a lot of talk and no action. I thought working with any of them would be great and we could all run a race together. Andi was excited about the possibility of running a marathon and before I knew it we were talking about training plans and picking a race!

26 Strong Program with SauconyIt will be interesting for me as I work with Andi to prepare her for her first marathon because I’ve never actually coached anyone to run that far. I’ve given tips and pointers to a few people, but never helped them like I’m going to help Andi. The farthest the team I coach at Lakewood runs is 3 miles, even though we do longer training runs and run about 50-60 miles a week. I am finishing up her training plan and will be sharing it soon. We have also already picked out our race! We’ve decided to run the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 2nd. It looks like a beautiful course and I’m excited to run the entire race with her.

26 Strong Program with Saucony

26 Strong Project with Saucony - Introducing Team LovieWhat makes the program even better is that her two sisters will be running the first half of the race with us and her entire family will be waiting for her to cross the finish line. Being a part of the program, I will be able to have a few giveaways, test new products and have some reviews too! So get ready to cheer for Team 6! You can find out more about both of us the 26 Strong website. It should be a lot of fun and I’m so excited to be a part of 26 Strong!


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