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Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse Review

Disclosure – Skinny Limits sent me a juice cleanse to review.  All opinions and photos are my own and all content is my honest opinion. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see Ts and Cs tab for more information.

I love doing a Juice Cleanse. I don’t do it super often, but it works perfectly for me when I feel like I have fallen away from eating healthy. Usually when I go ‘off track’, my mindset is “well, I have been eating terrible/drinking a lot of beer lately, so I might as well keep doing it,” Seriously, I eat a LOT when I’m not attempting to watch what I eat. Probably around 4,000 calories a day. I don’t really count calories that closely at all, but I know I eat pretty poorly and a lot of it when I don’t try at all. When I go overboard, my thinking is obviously is a bad way of thinking, but it’s what seems to happen with me. I do have a juicer and make juices somewhat often, but sometimes I just want to have a quick easy option which is why I’ve done a few store bought cleanses before. When Skinny Limits reached out to me to try out their cleanse, I was excited because I hadn’t heard of them yet. They are located in Texas, but ship to many locations. I opted for the Standard Juice Cleanse which is 6 juices to drink each day. I am also probably the cheapest person in the world and $49 a day is a good price for a cleanse.

Skinny Limits Standard 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review

They arrived in a cooler style box and are in plastic bottles. I put them in the fridge immediately. One downside was that it was a little damp in the box so I had to double check the website to make sure I put them in the fridge in the right order because some of their stickers fell off, but an easy fix and not a big deal. I really liked the spicy lemon water to start off the day. I usually start my day with lemon water anyway because it makes me feel refreshed, so this was easy to adjust to. I have weaned myself off the coffee train for the most part, so I didn’t miss caffeine. The green juices were not so ‘green’ or earthy as some green juices can be, where you take a drink and think, “Wow, I’m drinking dirt and lettuce,” these were a bit sweeter and a good mix of lemon and greens. The cashew milk at the end of the day? It was hands down my favorite, it tasted like a milk shake and was just enough to keep me satisfied in the evenings!

Skinny Limits Standard 3 Day Juice Cleanse ReviewDay 1 was fairly easy and doing a juice cleanse always reminds me that I eat so much out of boredom, which isn’t good. I find myself going to the pantry because I think, oh I need a snack. This is always magnified when I do a cleanse and it’s a great time to really get back on track with snacking and overeating. I started the day off with lemon water and waited for my juice to arrive. Throughout the day I enjoyed my juices and really liked the variety of them. At night after my run I did have a little bit of lunch meat because I was so, so hungry before I had my final juice of the day.

It’s ALWAYS Day 2 that is a struggle for me. I wake up craving any and all types of food. I know I can’t eat so I really, really want to. I always tell B, I just want to chew some food! I started the day off with another lemon water and then went straight into the juices. I like to sip the juices to make them last longer and drink a lot of water. This is when I really noticed that the green juices went down easy and actually tasted good. I sometimes add some lemon juice to them, because I am a lemon fiend. All day I looked forward to the Crescent Moon drink and again, after my run I had just a bit of lunch meat for some protein.

Day 3 was the best day. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the last day of the cleanse. I felt like I wasn’t revolving my life around snacks and food and I knew going forward from the cleanse, it would be easier to eat salads, stick with lean protein and say no to Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a, which is my goal every time I do a juice cleanse. I don’t do it to lose weight but to get back on track with eating healthy and to press the re-set button. This was the perfect time as summer is quickly approaching and I really love doing this to get my mind off of junk food and back in the healthy zone.

Thanks again Skinny Limits for reaching out to me and letting me try your juice cleanse. I would definitely recommend it and will probably do it again. The price is great! Also – my friend Nina recently did this cleanse and reviewed it as well. We both still talk about the Crescent Moon ;)


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