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Healthy Dogs = Healthy Owners!

Disclosure – Purina sent me a few products to review for this post and a few treats for my dogs.  All opinions and photos are my own and all content in the post is my honest opinion. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see Ts and Cs tab for more information.


As many of you know, I run with my dog George frequently. I love having him as a running partner and was quite a proud mama at our last vet check up, when she said he is in incredible shape and it was great I was running so far with him. She even said I ‘go above and beyond keeping both our dogs healthy.’ It may also have to do something with the fact that I brush their teeth and bathe them once a week too. That’s why when Purina® Dog Chow® Light & Healthy contacted me to share some tips about keeping your dog fit I wanted to share them with my fellow dog loving and running readers. If you want to check out Purina® Dog Chow® Light & Healthy, you can with this coupon.

Did you know that people who exercise with their dogs reported to have a healthier weight? A few fun tips and trips to start working out with your four leg friend

With pet obesity reaching epidemic levels, Purina® Dog Chow® Light & Healthy conducted a nationwide survey* to learn more about dog owner perceptions of their pet’s weight, management, exercise and feeding habits. I found their findings very interesting. Maybe people would rather work out with their dog because they aren’t judging them. There are so many dogs and people for that matter that do not get the adequate exercise. It’s not necessary to go out an run a marathon, but exercising with your pet can be fun and lead you to live a healthier lifestyle, together. I think I am going to try to take George to an obstacle course soon just to see how he would like it.

If you want more information about running with your dog, check out the series I did: Training your Dog to Run, Nutrition for an active dog, and Preventing Injuries.

I remind you to go to your local shelter and adopt! You can find ALL BREEDS AND ALL AGES of dogs at local animal shelters and rescue groups. Please save a life and adopt a pet instead of buying from a breeder. Both our dogs were homeless and we couldn’t have asked for better additions to our family!

The next person who will be posting about keeping your dog healthy is Diane from Miss Molly Says! Make sure to check out Miss Molly Says next week for information on owner perceptions and how to determine if your dog is actually a healthy weight.


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