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Week 1 M2B Training

I’m training relatively hard for Mountains 2 Beach because it’s already so close. I know I need to kick it up a notch to make sure I can motor through the finish line come May 25th. I was a bit nervous because when I signed up, I had some weird eye infection and was forced to wear my glasses for 6 days and because I am legally blind without my glasses, I cannot run without them so I took the time off. I needed to rest and pump myself up for training too. By the time my first training run came around, I was ready to go!

Because I am trying to work on my speed for this race, (tips coming on this soon!) I did an interval run, where I ran a 2 mile warm up, a 4 mile progressively faster run and then a 2 mile cool down to make up my first 8 miler for training. I was pretty nervous going into this run… I hadn’t run for 6 days and I hadn’t run an actual training run with distinctive race in mind in a while, but I was happy with the results and glad that I pushed myself because the last mile was tough, but the 2 mile recovery was something to look forward too after the hard run.

Perfect 8 mile Speed Interval WorkoutThe following day I ran a 4 mile recovery run with the girls from the team. It makes it really easy when I know they have a 4 mile recovery run too or a 4 mile warm up before they do a workout. It was a perfect morning and my legs were a bit heavy for the first two miles, the recovery pace was good and I finally felt better as we rounded the streets heading back to school.

mountains-to-beach-training-recovery-runThen, I had a rest day on Saturday which I totally took advantage of. Lately, I have been doing workouts at home or the gym along with running to get into better shape for our upcoming vacation to Mexico, but I didn’t workout at all on Saturday. Because of my stomach issues, I’m working really hard the few days before my long run to keep track of exactly what I’m eating. Especially on Saturday. I am trying to figure out what my issue come race day I won’t hopefully have any troubles. I am trying to eat totally bland foods and see what works best for my body the day before. It seemed to work because I didn’t have any issues on my long run on Sunday morning. I did have really bad cramps that woke me up at 4 am and I put a heating pack on and just tried to sleep it off. I woke up at 7:45am, feeling better and was ready to go. I started off at a decent pace and just told myself to relax most of the run. I hadn’t run over 8 miles in quite some time, so I just wanted to get the mileage done with and feel good about it. Around mile 5, I started feeling decent and just keep checking off the miles in cruise control. At mile 9, I got some water and a new lease on life apparently because I felt awesome and really pushed myself coming home on the last 4 miles with all of them being under 7:30 pace, which I was really happy with. It was also my first run ever in a sports bra!

mountains-to-beach-marathon-trianingI was really happy that I averaged an 8:15 pace for my first 9 miles and the last four I pushed it up and finished in about 7:30. It was a tough run, but I was glad to hit the “higher” mileage and not have a huge issue with any part of my body. At mile 5, I took a quick stretching break and my knee hurt immediately afterwards, so I was worried, but after a mile, I was back in a routine and it was feeling better. I also made sure to foam roll and stretch a lot when I got home and wore my new favorite recovery shirt :)


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I am happy with my first ‘week’ of training for Mountains to Beach and am looking forward to the next few weeks. I know race day will be here quick so it’s time to put in some serious work and be mentally tough for the next month. I know I get it done, I just need to remind myself that I CAN do it.


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