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Ragnar 4 Rett * Day 2!

Day 2 had less photos of me running because I ran so much during the night! I had some great night runs and some not so awesome morning runs. I ran twice in the middle of the night, once right after midnight and it was a quick and flat 4 miler.

Ragnar Splits Run 4Next up was a 2 miler. The entire time during the race I kept checking the Ragnar 4 Rett Facebook page because so many of the families were following our journey and posting updates and inspiration like this below. It meant so much to me to know that they cared so much about us and what we were doing for them was so amazing. It made me so motivated when I was running thinking about the girls and their families. Before each run I would check the page for a little burst of energy and inspiration. ragnar-inspirationMy 2 miler was relatively easy, but my legs were getting heavy. I ran 7:50 pace and I knew I didn’t have much left in the tank for the next two runs, but was happy to have four of my six legs done. The next two runs were also by far the hardest legs I had in the race, so maybe I should have saved a little something more. The leg before mine, I was starting to get a little sick so I loaded up on the Immodium and was thankful my stomach held off thus far and just hoped it would stay at bay for the next two legs I had left to run.

I started my second to last leg right as the sun was coming up and Buzz, your girlfriend…WOOF. This was a TREK. I knew it was pretty flat by looking at the route but the last three miles were going to be tough and that was an understatement. It was a beautiful run but my legs were shot and the hills were BRUTAL. My average pace was 10:08, but I walked up two of the larger hills.

Ragnar for Rett Team Sparkle Ultra So CalIn this picture you can tell by my face, I’m hurting :/ I kept thinking about the girls again, and just kept telling myself one foot in front of the other, you can do it, each step is closer to the finish. It was a pretty route along the coast, which I enjoyed and every time my app said that I passed another mile, I was so relieved! I was TOAST after this run… as you can tell by the pic. It was also funny because everyone else was running in tanks and shorts and I was still more than happy to be running in long sleeves and long pants.


One of the unexpected treats of this race is, last minute, we needed a driver for our van and B actually agreed to do it! He was there the entire time and SO helpful to everyone. With his work schedule he can’t make it to many of my races, so it was really fun to have him there for the whole race this time! It was encouraging to see him and know he was waiting for me.


Then it was time for my LAST leg! I couldn’t believe it. It was warmer out and I was ready to go in the heat! I love me some sun and some sweat. It was a beautiful day and an easy route around the bay on the beach path down in San Diego. My legs were tired but I just kept telling myself as I had during the last leg that I could do it and I just had to keep going forward. When I needed to take a break, I would walk 20 steps and then would start running again.

Last Ragnar Leg, Ragnar for Rett, Team Sparkle Ultra

I kept ticking away the miles and reminding myself why I was running. Though it wasn’t as fast as I had started out, I was glad that I didn’t walk as much as I wanted to and got it done! Finally, I saw the one more mile sign and tried to run as hard as I could to the exchange zone.

Ragnar Finish, So Cal Relay for Rett Team Sparkle

Hooray! Made it through, passed off the bracelet and it was time to head to the finish line! We were all excited to cross the line and to get it done. We finally saw Elise racing to the finish, grabbed hands and traveled down the chute. It was incredible as we ran through :)

Team Sparkle Ragnar for Rett Ultra Team Finish!

Team Sparkle Ragnar for Rett Ultra Team

Allison’s daughter, Emma, met us at the Finish line and we walked through it with her. It was another emotional moment and she was so excited to see us and go under the finish line. It was a great way to finish the race and really remember why we had run the relay this year.


It was a great way to finish the day and we finished the race in about 28 hours, but the best part? We raised $30,000 for RETT RESEARCH! I couldn’t believe it. We wanted to hit $20,000 at the start of the race and that was our goal and through the generous support of the community following us, we surpassed our goal by $10,000!

Ragnar for Rett Team Sparkle Ultra Team SoCal

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting us, cheering for us, encouraging us and making this weekend so memorable. It was a race that will mean so much to me and it was incredible to raise awareness for such a great cause that I didn’t even know about before the race. I was honored to be able to run for the girls and to be a part of the team.


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