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Ragnar 4 Rett * Day 1!

Wow! What an experience this Ragnar was. It was a lot different from last year and it was different in a great way because we were running for an incredible cause, Rett Syndrome. It gave a new meaning to the miles and really encouraged me a lot throughout the run. I was much more consistent this year and didn’t hurt myself like last year! I also run MUCH faster, which was my goal! The day started out loading up the van and heading down to the starting line.

Team Sparkle Ragnar Ultra Team

Team Sparkle Ragnar for Rett Ultra Team

Ragnar Ultra Relay Team Sparkle, Ragnar for RettWe had awesome capes to wear that had Girl Power 2 Cure on the back of them and how we were running for Rett Syndrome. It was awesome and we were decked out in Rett’s awareness colors, orange and purple and of course sparkle skirts. We even started off the day with Donuts from DK Donuts in Orange, which I was SO excited to try :)

DK Donuts Orange - Samoa Donuts!

We cheered for each other the first few legs and made tunnels for each other. The fact that we all get thrown in a van and immediately become friends is pretty awesome. I was teamed up with some quick girls and the legs started to go by quickly.

Ragnar Cheer TunnelI was leg 4, so I had a bit to go before my first section of the relay. As many know, my stomach is usually upset when I run longer distances so I tried to keep it at bay this race by eating relatively small and ‘safe’ foods. Finally, it was my time to run! It was a bit unfortunate because I got lost on my first leg and ran 2 extra miles, where I also got stopped by a train on my run, another bummer but oh well! It’s okay and I finally got back on track thankfully.

Leg one of Ragnar So Cal with Ragnar For RettI was a little bummed because I could have run this faster, but when I got lost and stuck at the train I was pretty discouraged. I finished strong though and tried to just forget about getting lost. I felt pretty good on the run but just didn’t expect to run 5 miles, I was only suppose to run a little over two! One of the reasons I think I got lost is because I ran this entire leg pretty much by myself. There wasn’t anyone else out there. When I turned another girl was turning as well, and then when we were on our way back from making the wrong turn, we ran into two other teams who made the same wrong turn. So it wasn’t just me.

Then, the next leg ran by one of my team member’s school, where they had a cheering section and some Rett Families came out to cheer for us. To say it was emotional was an understatement. It really brought the whole reason why we were running to life for me, and allowed me to meet some of the very special girls we were running for.

Ragnar for Rett Cheering Section - Ragnar Relay So Cal

Ragnar for Rett with Team SparkleIt was so incredible to hear so many of the families encouraging words and how much it meant to them to be running for their daughter. I wasn’t expecting to be so touched, but it was a really amazing moment and I knew it would motivate me for the rest of the race. Tears were shed by everyone.

Ragnar Ultra Team Sparkle - Ragnar for RettWe took a few photos and then headed onto our next few spots, but this moment really was imprinted on my mind and I remembered when my legs were heavy I would put myself back in this moment and remember why we were running this year. Later that day, we had another family come out to cheer for us because they lived in the area that we were running through. It was so appreciated once again! They were kind enough to spend some time with us and it was great to meet their daughter and hear more of their story as well.

Ragnar for Rett - Cheering for us!

Finally, it was my turn to run again and it was almost dark. I donned the headlamp, vest and was ready to get going!

Ragnar Day 1 SoCalI wanted to get this run done as soon as possible and as quickly as possible because I really don’t like running in the dark. Off I went into the sunset and it was a great run. I ran fast, felt great and didn’t get lost. It was also a fairly nice trail, minus a few dark areas where I was a tad scared. This was another lonely run, but I got done and didn’t get lost!

Ragnar Night Run - Ragnar For Rett Ultra Relay Team Sparkle

At this point, I was still feeling pretty good and my legs were fresh for the most part. I changed my shorts after each run so I wasn’t sitting in sweaty shorts but I was really glad I wore my arm warmers on my second leg because I was pretty cold. I know I’m a wimp, it was only 56 degrees. I had only two runs on the first day and then the last 4 were all on the second day, which I’ll post about tomorrow!


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