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30 Minute Running Interval Playlist

I have found that when I do intervals, which is running harder and faster for shorter periods of time during a run, I do so much better when I have a good music playlist all lined up. So when I’m trying to push myself and Say Something comes on? Though I love the song, it’s not the greatest when you’re trying to hold a certain pace.

I try to set myself up for success with a good mix of music so I just have to switch from faster paced running to recovery running each song and though maybe someone else might like to try this playlist for their next fast paced workout!

Perfect for in the gym or on the road, this 30 Minute Running Interval Music Playlist will get you sprinting for over 10 minutes and is still a quick 30 minute speed workout.

It’s a perfect workout for the gym or uploaded to your iPhone. Per usual, some of the songs are not safe for work and are explicit as well, so listen at your own risk! I’m just finishing up a 60 minute one that I also do, so I should upload that one next week. Enjoy and remember, when you are tired, pump your arms and push through to the end of the song. It’s at max, only 5 minutes of your entire workout, then you can recover.


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