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The Teeter Totter of Running

I love running. I’ve been running for a while and it seems that I am either in a stage of complete running bliss, or burned out. For some reason it’s so hard for me to find a happy medium and I’m like a teeter totter completely on one side or the other. At the beginning of the month, running was fairly easy, I had no issues finding time to get in a run and I seemed to be having no aches or pains. In the last two weeks, it seems like I have been struggling to get in a solid run in and when they do, they are tough.

It’s hard for me when I am in that ‘place’ of burned out to remember how awesome running can be. It seems to come in waves and when I’m in the lower point where running isn’t fun and perfect, it’s hard to get out there and get it done. I try to remember that feeling of elation I get when I do have a good run, and try to push through those sloggy feelings that I had to fit it in. I have been doing much better this year in general as I’m trying to make each run count and have a purpose. I’ve cut down a lot on junk miles or just running to get to a weekly mileage goal, which has helped a lot with keeping the burnout away, but sometimes it still creeps up.


This weekend I finally got in a good run on Friday and then went for a long run on Sunday. After a super long two day track meet, I was inspired by my team and how well they ran. I always am pumped up to run after I watch them race. On Sunday, it was a run where I was actually feeling awesome the entire time. I finished with two fast miles, and though I really had to push myself, it felt great to run hard. It’s that feeling that I love when I get home and feel accomplished and not beat up and tired. I just need to remember that during the low points on the teeter totter of running, it will pass and that the fact that I can run is incredible and something I need to cherish. Getting through the tough running times make the easy running days that much sweeter.


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