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Making decisions

When I’m out running, I think a lot about what is coming up next for me and try to plan ahead to my next race. I feel this weird self pressure about having to pick what I’m running soon and what distance it might be. I have been looking for a 5K or 10K locally, but there aren’t a lot of options right now as I have conflicting track meets on most Saturday mornings. I hopefully will find one soon. I am thinking of ramping up for a half marathon to run at the beginning of Summer.

As for the future, I’m contemplating a fall marathon. Perhaps Long Beach, since I do love it and it’s local. Then my common sense kicks in and I think about all the training that will have to be done over summer and I remember the dreaded 20 milers. Can I do it?

It’s hard to envision carving out the time to get all the training in and not get burnt out. Though I do love running in the Summer, it’s scary to commit to something like a marathon. It’s easy to sign up and it’s a lot harder to put in the work. I guess it’s time to get serious and make a decision.


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