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February Recap

Wow! The year is already flying by and in February I got in another 72 miles, which I was really happy with especially based on the fact that I took a week off when I was sick and in Charlotte. If I had run that week I would have put in about 20-30 miles, so I would have been right at 100, which is what I’ve been averaging per month. I have been keeping my average pace under 8:30, another change that I’ve made in my training. Now that I’m pushing myself to run faster and make sure that all my miles count towards something, it makes me start each run with a goal. Instead of just going running to get in the miles, if I don’t feel great, I cut the run short and try again the following day.

I have been having some issues with my right knee mostly from overuse and also my right shoulder. I went to the chiropractor about my shoulder and she does want me to come back a few more times to figure it out and make sure my mechanics are right. After she adjusted me and rubbed out the knot in there I did feel better the following day on my run, but it is lingering a little bit. As for my knee, more icing, foam rolling and stretching!

I have also been doing more Fast Pace Finishes, which means that on two runs a week, I will get faster each mile. It has really helped me get a lot faster and push myself at the end of my runs. The fact that we have also had a very mild winter with warmer weather has made running much easier for me. I thrive in the warm weather and haven’t had many rainy or cold running days. My sports bra and tank top tan is already back in full swing. upwave-running-sweatbandI also tried out a new Saucony shoe, the Mirage, and it works great! It’s a lightweight shoe that I’m using on shorter runs and I’m glad I have two different shoes in the mix now including the Mirage and the Guide 7. It gives my feet a break from always running in the same shoe all the time. I recently had to get another pair of the guides because mine were worn out. I did get them back in November so it was time.


This month I also was asked to be a Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding and I’m so excited! I’ll be getting crafty for her Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower and her wedding and I’m sure I’ll be posting some fun things that hopefully turn out well! maid-of-honor-basket-mint-peach-tealOverall, it was a good month and I’m hoping in March to run a 5K! I need to sign up for one soon but I also want to make sure I’m 100% prepared for it.


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