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Travels to Charlotte

This past week, I spent time in Charlotte visiting one of my best friends. I had all the good intentions of running every day while I was there. Once I got there I realized I was coming down with a sore throat and also the darn stuffy nose and it got worse every day. I blame it on flying but hey, who knows. I haven’t been sick in a while so I tried to do my best while I was there and rested when I could. We did do a lot of walking but I didn’t keep on any training or running schedule. My legs will be hurting when I start running again tomorrow.


On the upside though, I had so much fun and it was really nice to take a break for a week. We went to Boone to visit her sister which meant that I got to see a lot more of the state, she finally taught me how to make the grits she makes that are incredible and we just hung out and talked. I also got to meet her son for the first time so that was really awesome too. Whenever I visit there I feel so refreshed and it’s like the open space reinvigorates me for some reason.

We also watched a lot of the Olympics and I have been getting inspired to do my next race. It’s so incredible to me the time, dedication and focus all the Olympians have and watching it this past week is so motivating to me. Speaking of another motivation, these donuts we had in Charlotte were so delicious and we also went to Krispy Kreme while I was there :)


This upcoming week I hope to get back on track running wise and get in at least 15-20 good solid miles at a faster pace, close to what I was running before I left and I hope to kick this cold to the curb. I haven’t gotten sick in so long so I guess I was due for a little winter cold. I also need to pick the next race I’m going to do as it’s already half way through February!

And, the winner of the Theragesic giveaway is @kurliq98 – Krissy! Thanks to everyone who entered.


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