It’s harder than you think

Getting back into the groove is always so much harder than I remember. After being sick for a week and giving my legs a much needed rest, now getting back into the swing of things those paces I was just starting to hit effortlessly are seemingly out of my reach. This past week I ran 20 miles, which seems to be a little bit closer to what I am comfortable running without feeling completely burned out. When I run anywhere from 20-30 miles, I feel a good balance and that I still have time to enjoy all the little things in life.

I did have a super cute running buddy for one of my runs though. George still is chompin’ at the bit to go faster than I can run… Any takers?


I got to enjoy two incredible sunrises on two different days this week while running though. It’s incredible what you can experience when you’re awake earlier before the rest of the world’s alarms are going off. Sometimes those runs are the hardest to get going on, but sometimes it’s so nice to enjoy the peace and quiet. The stillness is just so special and I  think so clearly when I’m out running.


This week I hope to bounce back a little bit more back into the routine and to get my paces back to where I was running before I left for Charlotte! I know it just takes a little bit of patience and time.



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6 Responses to It’s harder than you think

  1. Shauna says:

    I completely understand… between injury and back – to – back snow/ice storms, it’s been a real challenge getting back to pace and habit. BUT slow and steady. You’re right! Just a little patience! Glad you’re back at it!!!

  2. Kar says:

    Yep, you lose you running endurance sooooo fats when you take a week or more off. Sucks. I am not running as much as I used to since I’m focusing more on strength training now. But, I want to run the OC half in may so I have to increase my mileage again soon!!

  3. mozwebdev says:

    Great blog.

  4. Christine says:

    Your running buddy is very cute and FAST! Where does he take the energy from?! :)

  5. George Godin says:

    Hello there!

    I have to agree with you that getting back into the groove is really not that easy. Anyway, it is really so nice to know that you have a super cute running buddy for one of your runs and it is funny that his name is also GEORGE :)

  6. Jenny says:

    I’ve been in this situation so many times and not just in running or other exercise routines. I think it’s more on the mental side and you just gotta find the reason why you should get back on your routine regardless of how you feel.

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