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Getting Faster 2.0

Each run that I’ve been doing lately has had a purpose, which goes hand in hand with my goal of the year of running with purpose. It’s also had me running much faster than normal, which I am enjoying, but I forgot how much pushing yourself actually hurts! I also forgot how much more ‘maintenance’ you have to do to keep your body in top shape when you’re trying to run faster. The aches, the pains and the soreness seem to linger a bit more. I also have been having an issue with my shoulder. When I ran in high school my nerves would always have problems where when I ran, my right arm would fall asleep. I haven’t had it happen in a really long time, but lately my arm has been falling asleep and it’s so painful and weird. I feel so much pressure on my shoulder then my arm just goes numb. I have an appointment with my physical therapist to check it out this week.

BUT, when I am running faster, I’m much more comfortable running with this little guy! Since his pace seems to comfortable in the 7:50 range, we are much better partners now then when I was running 9ish minute miles, and I don’t feel like he’s going to pull my arm off when we run.


So with more speed comes more icing, especially my knee and lower back area, along with foam rolling, and also more laundry! It seems like I’m washing running clothes twice a week. I was getting a little bit lazy on rolling and taking time to ice but I started it back up last week and I’ve really felt a difference when I do it, so I know it needs to still be a priority. I also got to go for a beautiful run where I really wanted to push myself. I just relaxed and focused on my breathing and reminded myself that my legs could do the work. When I finished, I was so happy to see that I ran 7 miles in 7:44! Even though I didn’t plan on being able to get to that pace, I was relaxed and felt great.


I’m searching for a localish 5K or 10K to sign up for, it just seems like the right time to go out there and test myself again!


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