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Getting back in the Groove

This month has been good to me so far! I can’t believe how fast I have been running or how warm it’s been here. Let me tell you, I love running in hot weather. It’s something to sweat and I love, love, love the heat, so that makes these warm temps very welcomed, especially since it’s suppose to normally be cold.

This past week I ran with the team most days, which is nice and gets me to run much faster than I normally would. I ran 35.5 miles this past week and true to my goal this year of running with purpose, I made sure they were all quality miles. I’m already at 40 miles for the month and know I can for sure hit 100 this month as well. My average pace this week was 8:39 which I’m more than happy with! I hope that this year I can focus on getting faster and making all my training runs count and so far I’m doing really well with that goal. I didn’t want to run harder on one of the days this week but after I reminded myself that I needed to get in a faster run and that it would pay off to push myself, the run felt great.

Running and Training I also ran hills on Saturday, which I normally avoid. I am planning on running the Redondo Beach 10K to see where I am at pace wise and it’s approaching quickly. I have been working hard and I really hope to do better than what I did at the Lakewood 5K last year. My pace for that race was 7:56 and I hope to keep it the same pace for the entire 10K. It will be a good test to see how my training is at and if I need to push harder during my longer runs.

Signal Hill Training Run with Hills

This week I hope to hit 45 miles so I need to do a few more longer runs and I need to keep making sure that my mileage is counting.



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