The final week of training

So this past weekend was the final week of training before Tucson. It was a little all over the place with Thanksgiving and I was procrastinating a lot on a few of my runs but I did end up getting every run I wanted too in. The sunrises were beautiful all week long and made it easier to get up earlier.

running-sunrise-long-beachI worked hard on speed work this past week to try to freshen up my legs for this weekend. I really, really pushed hard on a run that I procrastinated on. It was the day after Thanksgiving and when I woke up it was POURING rain. Normally, I don’t mind a few sprinkles but this was a lot and I didn’t want to risk getting sick. We ran a few errands, where I also got a new running tank on sale, then ended up at home around 3 when it wasn’t raining and I decided to stop putting it off and get it in. The new tank that I wore with armwarmers was the perfect motivation. I started off chugging along but once I hit the second mile I was feeling great.

It was just starting to sprinkle and the sky was again gorgeous. Everywhere I looked there were leaves falling and big puddles that reflected the sky above. I just kept running faster and faster and feeling better about the upcoming race. I kept telling myself, I can do this! I can run fast!

running-long-beach-heartwell-parkAround mile 7.5 things started to hurt and I was getting tired, but I knew it was only 3 more miles until I was home. It started to rain a bit harder and it was getting darker, but I was done before I knew it and then could take a warm shower and call it a day.

running-rainy-saucony-glide-7Everywhere I looked it was a reflection of the beautiful evening, and it made that super hard run not as hard. Every single one of my runs last week was under 9 minute mile pace, so I’m hoping that Tucson will be a true reflection of my training, or at least I push myself as hard as I can and am happy crossing that finish line. No bathroom stops would be a huge upside too. :/

Last week I ended with 24 fast miles, so here’s to heading to Tucson!


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4 Responses to The final week of training

  1. Kar says:

    Good job Danica and good luck!!

  2. Maria says:

    Good luck in Tuscon!! You will do great :-)

  3. You will do great, especially if you were under a 9 minute mile for a training run. Race Pace is always a bit faster. Good luck!

  4. Christine says:

    My friend visited her son in Tuscon and ran the half marathon today. I hope you had a fantastic race, can’t wait for the race report!

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