An awesome and frustrating run

I thought about the finish of the Tucson Marathon this past weekend long and hard and along with a few bags of skittles and twizzlers, the sting of the race not going to my plans is finally seeming to pass. Though I still keep asking myself the same questions. Could I pushed harder? Did I give up too early? Why do I always seem to have stomach issues? What can I do next time to not have this happen? After a great time in Sedona with B, I knew I should do a shake out run to see how tired my legs were when we arrived back home. Right after we came home, I took off for a run and just ran. I kept my watch under my sleeves and just enjoyed the sun and warmer weather. Once I got home and looked my watch and normally, I’d be proud of myself, but yesterday it was just so darn frustrating. I saw how fast I was running and how it didn’t take much effort and thought to myself, How?! On tired legs, only a few days after a race and I went out for an easy run and ran the exact pace I thought I would be running last Sunday. It was just such a punch in the stomach to see the numbers I wanted so badly to see on Race Morning.

Mile 1 – 8:29
Mile 2 – 8:26
Mile 3 – 8:01
Mile 4 – 7:47
.5 Mile – 4:05

timex-running-training-marathonI’m still thinking about the race and it’s obviously bothering me a lot. This run I had yesterday wasn’t suppose to be awesome. It was suppose to hurt and remind me not to run a marathon any time again soon. It was suppose to be hard and my quads were suppose to still be in recovery from Sunday and when I got done I wanted to look down at my watch and think to myself, gah! I was running slow! It’s okay, I just ran a marathon, but it wasn’t any of that. It was one of the most frustrating yet rewarding runs I’ve had and it’s really got me thinking about the next race. Right now, I’m thinking it will be sooner than later, because I still feel like I have a race in me that I haven’t run yet.


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8 Responses to An awesome and frustrating run

  1. That goal marathon will come for you Danica! You clearly have the miles and speed in you. I feel that with each marathon we learn just a bit more about ourselves and what works well for us. My best marathon happened to be when I held back the first half running slower than I wanted and then was able to pick it up the second half. But on the other hand, some days you just wake up and the legs/body/whatever aren’t up for your A game. Some days are optimal and some are not. Hang in there! You got this!

  2. Kim says:

    I can completely relate. I ran a marathon in September that DID NOT go as planned. Not even close. A few weeks later I ran my fastest half and felt awesome. Some days you just don’t have it. I am planning two marathons in 2014. One of them will hopefully yield the result I have been working towards. Don’t get discouraged, bad races happen. Let it fuel your fire!

  3. Bonnie Dewkett says:

    It’s the cold. It zaps your energy and really makes breathing difficult and the whole run MUCH more difficult.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    bad runs are just steps in the direction of the greatest come back run of all time. keep your head up and your legs will follow!!
    (new to your blog– trailed over from instagram!)

  5. Christine says:

    It really does look like you need a marathon soon. Do you have any close by that doesn’t required a lot of ravel? Maybe part of the issue was the traveling? This always messes with my stomach. Good luck!

  6. Tiffany M. says:

    I tanked Long Beach last year (2012), and my mind quit well before my body did. I was shooting for a sub 4 and finished in 4:45…my slowest marathon. It was really hard to get over and the worst part is that I got so attached to a “goal” time, I couldn’t even appreciate the fact that I finished. It’s taken me a while to get back into it, but I’m doing a half in February and I’m hoping to do the Marine Corps in 2014. Your running blog is the only one I like reading because it’s the most relatable. You inspire me all of the time!

  7. Squirrel says:

    Have a think about whether you have any food intolerances. Intense exercise will exacerbate any slight intolerances. Did you say you had lasagna the night before? Maybe a slight dairy intolerance? I can’t tolerate dairy or gluten. Normally I can get away with a bit but if I’m training and doing long runs, the intense exercise will clear me out! I have to be really strict. Good luck.

  8. Michele says:

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