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Recovery Week

This week was pretty hard for me. My legs felt really good for running a marathon last Sunday, but my toes were pretty messed up. They were blistered in multiple places and I could barely put on socks. I finally made a dr. appointment because I was worried about losing a lot of time between now and my next race, the Tuscon Marathon on December 9th, if there was actually¬† something really wrong with them. The earliest he could see me was on Friday. I went to the appointment and he shaved down a few of my blisters and asked me what I had done to get them. Though I have run marathons before, he said maybe the fact that I ran faster at the end was what was the difference was and that’s why I was in pain and had developed them. He wasn’t overly concerned but did want me to take a little bit longer to allow them to heal. So I haven’t ran since Monday, where I ran a mile and a half with the team just to shake out my legs. George has been going nuts without running…


To be honest, though the break was nice, I was pretty pumped up after my race and was ready to jump right in to train hard for the next one and have really missed running this week. It was probably the right thing to do to make sure that I have a clean slate and stay injury free in this quick training round, but the weather was crispy and perfect for running, and I just wanted to go! I also think that with the League Finals of my Cross Country team and seeing the kids race so well, I was itching to lace up my shoes and get back out there. Patience is a virtue.


I did get to spend a lot of time with B, which is rare! He had his four day this week so we got to hang out and I wasn’t spending all my time running, it was nice.


This week I should be back in the game though. The doctor said I should wait about 3-5 days and if need be another week to run again, but my toes seem to be healing much more quickly now that he’s shaved them back a bit. I can’t wait!



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