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Heading into #10

I can’t believe that I’m doing my 10th marathon this weekend. When I did my first, I never thought I would run another yet here I am. I’m feeling so many emotions as race day is quickly approaching and nervousness would top the list. It’s been quite some time since I ran the beast that is the marathon, and I’m sure this race will be another humbling yet amazing experience. This training round I’ve trained with Mary Kate who has kept me accountable, encouraged me and made getting up at 4:30 in the morning a little bit more acceptable. I know the race won’t be easy, but I am glad we will be out there together.


It’s a flat course and I do well when I don’t really look at maps before hand so I did that for this race. I really just don’t know what to expect because I haven’t done this in a while. I did the training and know that in the end it will get me to the finish time.

The weather is going to be awesome, and it looks like it’s going to be a great day. The race course looks like fall, so I hope that we will get some shade, some pretty rolling hills and have a great race day.

As for goals…

My A goal and top time goal is to come in under 4:20. Because I haven’t run a marathon in a while, I am nervous about taking off too fast and struggling the last few miles, which is normally my issue. I’ve also struggled with getting my nutrition down, and the marathon is a long way to have an upset stomach. Hopefully this race goes off without a hitch and my pb&js work like a charm. If I come in right around there I will be so happy and I think I will have a good race if things align the way they are suppose too.

My B goal is to finish in under 4:30 and to not have stomach issues. With my past of having problems during marathons, I hope that my stomach stays happy throughout the race. I know having Mary Kate with me will keep my spirits high and we can push each other when one is having some issues.

My C goal, and no matter what happens, is to finish. The last marathon I ran was the hardest one because I was injured. It took me almost six hours to finish that darn race, but I did it. I think the memory of dragging my legs along the street in Arkansas is still lingering so having a solid race under my belt will make me more confident moving forward toward the future and more races.

I hope I leave everything I have in me out on the course. I do want to push myself as hard as I can and not give myself excuses to slow down. I know I can do this, I trained for this and now it’s just time to make it happen!


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