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Don’t call it a comeback

Don’t call it a commmmeback. I don’t know why, but I always sing that. Well, it’s kind of a comeback. I’d call it a halfway there comeback. This past week I ran much better than the first week following Santa Clarita, but I will was struggling a little bit with allowing enough time for my toes to completely heal. Pair that up with some insomnia and you’ve got yourself a winning combination for not so great runs. It was a week of getting back on track, and I was glad I was able to get back out there after a week of 1 mile previously. I did get some amazing sunrises and sunsets throughout the week which makes getting up at 4:30 am to run so much easier!


This week was also our last week as a Cross Country Team for the season. On Saturday morning, we headed to C.I.F. prelims, where our season ended. It was so exciting though and I was so proud of everyone who raced this year. They all made great improvements and our team is growing to be stronger each year.


This upcoming week I’m going to try to head back into the gym a bit to mix things up and also hope to hit about 40 miles for the week without my feet hurting too badly. I know Tucson will be here before I can blink and I want to be in the best position to take advantage of the completely downhill course! I hope to finish a solid 16 or 18 miler this weekend and also get in a few faster, shorter runs throughout the week. I have three weeks off from coaching, so hopefully it allows me that little extra time to fit in the training runs I need to.

I know I can improve my time at Tucson, it’s just taking the time to put in the mileage now and making sure I’m totally prepared. I am really excited about the race though! It will be here before I know it!


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