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2013 Runner’s Accessories Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers or under the tree, these are going to score you major points! In the winter it’s easy to lose motivation because of the dropping temps, so keeping warm to keep the drive to run going is a great idea! Beanies, gloves, armwarmers and mittens are always great, along with a few other treats to make the run more fun.

Great Stocking Stuffers for the Runner in your life.

1. Armwarmers without the thumbhole and with thumbhole – I always opt for the thumbhome, but I’m a big cold weather wimp.

2. Nike Running Glove / Saucony Space Dye Glove – The Space dye is so cute and trendy right now. If you want to just get some plain throw away mittens, check out the dollar spot at Target!

3. Just Run Phone Case – So cute, and a great reminder.

4. VSX Pro Sport Bra / Moving Comfort Phobe Bra – Both are great, offer awesome support and even though it’s not something super ‘fun’ to buy, they are always appreciated!

5. Timex Easy Trainer GPS Watch – Tracks your mileage, splits, holds a charge for a really long time and is easy to use.

6. RoadID Shoe ID – Safety is so important and these are easy to attach to your shoe with all your identification.

7. Zensah Compression Socks – For when they need help in recovery, which is always for me. They have extra padding on the feet, are super supportive and tight and are incredibly soft. Want more compression? Try these, they’ll never want to take them off!

8. Hammered Copper 26.2 Necklace – I have one of these and love wearing it as a reminder of how far I’ve come. Literally.

9. Activyst Girl on the Go bag – With a shoe pouch, tons of pockets and it helps girls across the globe play sports, this bag does more than just carry your favorite things!

10. Fitletic Double Running Pouch – Carries your phone, keys, money or running fuel, this non-bouncing belt is a running must!

11. Keep Running Medal Holder – For all the medals accumulating on the doorknobs throughout the house, there are many designs and options for medal holders.

There are so many little fun things to get a runner! Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross have good ‘activewear’ stocking stuffers and hey, a massage is always a great idea too :)


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