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Weekly Recap – A REALLY low week

So last week wasn’t the best week, but I have good reason. It was my birthday! I could have gotten in a few more miles, but I was just so busy! We had a big league meet for cross country and then I was getting ready for Hawaii and also planning a big surprise for my best friend Shea, who got engaged! It was a crazy week that started with good intentions and just fizzled out because of busyness. After a super hard 10 miler last weekend my legs took quite a long time to recover and Monday I ran a super lazy 4.45 miler and was really sore. Tuesday was another 4 miler, which wasn’t too bad.


Then on Wednesday I did an 8 miler and actually felt pretty good. I picked up the pace on the second half of the run and was pretty proud that I got through it after doing the harder run on the weekend.


Thursday I did another 4 miler run and that’s when the wheels just slowly fell off into birthday oblivion. The weekend was filled with a trip up to the Apple Orchard, which was exceptional and just what I wanted to do for my birthday. I wanted to try these apple cider mini donuts that I’ve seen, and they were everything

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 6.56.01 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 6.55.34 AM

And we even got to pick pumpkins, which was SO much fun! I ate a ton of crap all weekend long so my running was on the backburner. It was a cause for celebration and I’m glad I took a little break. This week I’ll be in Hawaii so we’ll see how much running I am able to fit in with the heat and humidity!


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