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Two crazy weeks

These past two weeks have been crazy. The week leading up to Kona was my birthday week and I was so busy, then I was in Hawaii, where I got in a little bit of mileage and last week, I was just tired and out of sorts so I didn’t do a ton of running, but I DID to my 20 miler, which was hanging over my head all week long and man, I’m glad I got it done. It was slow. It was painful, but it was finally done!

In the past two weeks, my mileage totaled up to 50 miles, which is lower than I was running weekly, but I will take it, and I’m glad I got in my 20 miler even though I didn’t want to. I also was going to run it with Mary Kate, but I knew I mentally needed to do it alone to boost my confidence a little bit, which kind of stunk, but it did help. I tried to focus and just finish it.


Later at practice that day the team did Ice Baths, so I partook since my legs were so shot. It helped a ton but my knees have still been having a few issues. I have been icing them extra throughout the week and after running to make sure they make it to race day and beyond! Eek.


But, on the upside, my shorter runs have been getting much faster and my legs are feeling a little better when I don’t go far, which is really awesome. I have been doing faster workouts with the team and it seems to really be helping, which is motivating. I am running a pretty consistent harder pace on shorter runs which makes me feel really good. If only I could run far and fast ;)


This week should be a much higher mileage week now that I’m back on schedule and not so tired from traveling. I will pretty much be training through Santa Clarita for my goal race, Tuscon in December. I’m getting excited though, and can’t wait for race day to be here! I haven’t run a marathon in so long and it will be fun. I hope.


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