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Finding new shoes

So, recently, after running in KSwiss Keahou II for over three years… they discontinued the shoes. I immediately started freaking out. It took me a while to find those shoes and if you’ve talked to me in the last two months you know what a huge ordeal I was making this. I was acting like the world was ending and I really didn’t know what to do. I have tried running in Asics, Nike {and bled through them}, New Balance and Brooks and was starting to freak out about finding new shoes for my marathon. I am a firm believer that there are not better shoes out there, but everyone has such different feet that you have to find shoes that fit your feet and work for you personally. I love Nike’s shoes, but I don’t love bleeding all over the place. I wanted to love the Asics, but after only 4 miles I bled through those, and the others were just weird on my feet or felt to heavy. Apprehensively, this week I tried out the new Saucony Guide 7 that I received at the #FitBlogLA event. I recently tried out the Saucony Ride and they just felt really clunky and heavy and I didn’t like the amount of support they offered, so I was nervous about the Guide, especially because within 4 miles, my feet will bleed if they are going too.

I was so nervous about running in new shoes as race day is quickly approaching. I get nervous because my feet love to reject shoes and I was worried this was going to be another failed attempt. I did 7 on Wednesday, 6 on Thursday and 8 this morning and no bleeding and they seem to be breaking in perfectly. They were a little stiff at first, but now after a little bit of mileage on them they are must lighter and flexible. I am so, so happy that I’ve found new shoes that seem to be working so far! Best part? They come in SUPER cute colors! I am hopeful that these will be my ‘new shoe’ and I will be able to run in them and they will not be DISCONTINUED!


Welcome new friends!


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