Final recap before the Santa Clarita Marathon Recap

Gah, this week was rough. On Monday, I was on a weird high of feeling awesome and being excited to run. After my 20 miler on Friday, my legs came back to life and I was ready to run again. I started off with 10 solid miles and then it kind of spiraled into a slug fest from there.



I finally found new shoes, which was a relief after my shoes being discontinued, and was super pumped to run after attending the #FitBlogLA event. I did a 7 miler with the girls team on Wednesday and felt decent but my legs were really sore after that run hence the slower paces runs for the rest of the week. I did a slow 8 miler and was really questioning my preparedness for Santa Clarita by the end of the week. Yes, I did long runs, but was it enough? My running lately has been short and fast and now it’s just a mental game of getting to the finish line.

saucony-guide-7-marathon-training-runWe’ll see how this week leading up to the race goes. I’m already full of nervous energy and stress eating everything in site, so that’s always good.


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3 Responses to Final recap before the Santa Clarita Marathon Recap

  1. Jessica L says:

    Good luck! I’ve been thinking about signing up for this marathon at some point in my life, but the timing is just never right! -Jessica L

  2. Leigh says:

    Good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to see how it went! :)

  3. Christine says:

    Good luck this weekend! Enjoy!! Can’t wait to hear about the race.

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