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Weekly Running Recap

This week was one TOUGH week for me. I struggled a lot with motivation. I haven’t slept in past 5:00 am in over a month! I was starting to feel run down and burned out. Not burned out on running in general but the routine I had, and how tired I always seemed to be.

Monday I did a 5 miler, which wasn’t too tough, I ran with the kids and really pushed my pace at the end. I had decently negative splits which was encouraging. It’s been SO hot lately here and has also made me struggle. I was surprised how decent I felt when I was running harder.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.29.17 AM

Wednesday I did 6.5 miles in the morning with the kids, which was a tempo run. It was interesting running the tempo run because I never do anything other than just going out and running miles. I never do sprints, or tempo, or intervals. I just run, and then it’s over. Switching it up really made me push myself harder and got my heart rate up. When I run with the kids it makes me push myself because I am so competitive and I love that feeling. It brings me back to high school just a little bit. Then I did 5.5 at night… with a great backdrop of a sunset along the beach.


I missed Friday morning’s early run with Mary Kate because I overslept like an idiot and Saturday I did only a short 3.5 miler in preparation for our long run the following morning. The sunrise on Saturday was one of the best I’ve seen, everywhere I looked it was so beautiful!

Overall, it wasn’t a terribly huge week mileage wise because I barely hit 20 miles and my heart just wasn’t into it. I felt decent, but I just felt so tired. I am however, so incredibly proud of the entire month of August, as I’m pretty sure it’s the most I’ve run in a month in my entire life AND the most consistent I’ve been as well. I ran 154 miles! I ran over 25 hours, climbed over 8,000 feet in elevation, burned over 17,000 calories and my average pace was 9:49. I think that I did well especially with so much heat, longer runs and adjusting to my new schedule.

It was a week where I really was reminded about how it’s the journey that gets you to race day, and this was a tough part of the journey. Here’s to a good week with a few solid running adventures!


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