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The Long Shadows of Fall…

There is something simply marvelous about fall running and no, it has nothing to do with Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Perhaps it’s the break from the extreme sweating that was happening during a run just a few short weeks ago, the sleeved shirts that I can now wear and the damp morning air that greets me when I walk out the door. The sun doesn’t come out as early and the darkness sticks with you longer, the weather is unbeatable and who doesn’t love wearing a long sleeve with thumb holes?


The afternoon breezes and the long shadows that surround you during each step are such a welcome change from the sticky feeling that I’d have even before starting a run. This season reminds me of cross country, back where I started running, and the crunchy leaves under my shoes remind me of pushing myself as hard as I could and racing in high school. It’s so magical and such a nostalgic time for me because it’s when I started truly falling in love with running over 10 years ago.


Another exciting thing about fall running is that Marathons are starting back up because it’s just too hot to run them in the heat of the Summer. People are abuzz with training plans and there is just so much energy going around about running.


I love running right around dusk. I get home and the sun is just starting to travel downward and the entire path I run has these pretty shadows. There’s still enough light to get in a run and it seems so calm out. It’s the perfect time before all the holiday seasons and the local high school band is practicing for their Friday night football game.

I love fall. For the crunchy leaves. For the cooler temps and most of all for reminding me why I love running.


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