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Finally I SEE!

I am finally starting to see how my training is paying off, and I don’t only credit my trip to the eye doctor last week. My long runs are becoming easier and my pace is slowly and surely picking up, which is making me feel more confident in my running. Last week I had a lower mileage week, but I actually put work into my miles and made them count. I ran 5 miles on Monday and even though it was hot out, I was glad I got it in and ran faster than normal with an 8:57 pace.


Wednesday was an evening run, which I haven’t done in a long time and it was perfect. It wasn’t blazing hot out and the sun was just setting so another 6.26 miles done. I also realized that running at night, I’m much more alert and my legs are more alive. Perhaps the 4:30 wake up call leaves them feeling a little groggy and they don’t snap to their normal selves like at night time.

Night-running-marathon-trainingThursday I only did a 2 miler with the team and then Friday morning we did a nice long 8 miler, which was followed by a donut which apparently my car and it just took me into a donut store parking lot and before I knew it I had bought a donut. Poor choices.


Saturday we had our first invitational as a team and a lot of boys PR’ed. It was really awesome to see their hard work pay off and I’m really looking forward to this season! They are even pushing me to run harder. I am starting to feel more confident during these training runs and it’s exciting to see my pace slowly getting a little bit faster each time I run!




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