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Another Peak Week!

This week was an awesome week for me training wise! After two downer weeks, I couldn’t believe how many miles I got in and how great I felt during most of them. I started off the week with a 13 miler, at a 9:36 pace. I ran quite a few hills and felt pretty decent during most of the run. marathon-training-sunday-longrunmarathon-training-elevation-chart

Then this week I ran quite a bit with the kids. Monday was a 5 miler at 8:39 pace, which is fairly fast for me and Tuesday was a recovery 5 miler at 9:15 pace. It’s interesting to see how running in the morning is usually much slower than in the afternoon and evening. Now it seems that morning runs that were once highlighted at the end by a pretty sunrise are now done completely in the dark. Kind of sad.


On Wednesday I ran in the afternoon and did a 4 miler. It is finally starting to cool down and I actually wore a shirt on this run instead of a tank top! This hasn’t happened in a few weeks and it was nice to not be sweating profusely. Thursday was an easy and slow 2 miler, which was a nice refreshing short run. Friday was another 4 miler, right around 9 minute mile pace. It’s fun to have a large group to run with again and I get so competitive that I want to keep up with them all. Saturday morning was another long run and I have to be honest. I was worried about this one. I hadn’t gone more than 13 miles in a few weekends and I’d even skipped a long run because I was just tired. The night before I got the long run jitters. Where you wonder if you can really do it, your running clothes just don’t seem to be working for you and you’re confused on what to wear and what the weather will be like.

I woke up ready to go. Something about that morning made me spring out of bed and excited for the run. I wanted to get it done with and I was confident in myself. I really wanted to keep my pace at 9:30 and push myself. Shockingly enough, we ran 9:16 pace and really pushed the last four miles! It was also another hilly, hilly run and I just kept my head down and pushed through the hills. We ran this same exact route on August 10th, and ran it in 2:36, so almost taking 10 minutes off our time, I was so excited.




Overall it was a great week and I finished with 50.2 miles on the dot! I still can’t believe I am putting in that many miles each week, but am thankful that my legs seem to be holding up for the most part. I have been icing my knees and also foam rolling and going to the gym and working my legs more lately too which I think is helping to strengthen them. I’m so excited that the run on Saturday was so great and that I felt so strong. I was sore after, but I really tried to put it out there to see how fast I could go at the end and it paid off. Training is really coming together now and I’m feeling excited looking towards the next few races.


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