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Getting more confident

On Saturday last week I felt inspired after watching our team run at an invitational meet and wanted to run fast on Sunday for my own run. I didn’t know how fast I could run, and haven’t tried running hard since I have upped my mileage. I was shocked at my splits


I finished off the run with a 4 miler and 8:30 pace felt fantastic. This week really showed me a lot with pushing myself to the limit. I worked hard on every run and didn’t make excuses for when I was tired and my legs were sore. I went to spin class on Monday morning, which was killer and then did a short 2 miler on Monday morning.

Wednesday I did an early morning run of 6 miles, and in the afternoon I did a short 4 miler recovery run. I finished off the warm afternoon run with a frozen capri sun and my 6th grade tastebuds rejoiced. It was SO good.

double-day-marathon-training-runThursday was a rest day and I have been back on the ice and foam rolling train. My right need has been hurting just a bit and I know that taking care of it on my non mileage days is key to making sure that I can keep running the miles I have been.

foam-rolling-icing-it-bandFriday I finished off the week with another easy 4 miles and my average pace has been increasing with each run. Even though I only ran 25 miles this week, I really worked hard at making sure all the miles ‘counted’. I usually can just go out and run, but I don’t push myself, and this week I did just that. I haven’t felt this confident in my running in quite some time and I’m really looking forward to the Santa Clarita Marathon in November!

Also, I’m pretty excited for tomorrow, I have a big giveaway coming up! Stay Tuned :)


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