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Weekly Training Recap

Wow. This week was a rough week training wise for me. Not mentally, which is usually what happens to me, but with freak accidents that made me struggle through the week. Sunday was a rest day after doing 16 last Saturday. It was nice to take a rest, especially after the wedding the night before. Yes, my feet were so swollen from running that morning they barely fit in my heels!

The sunrises this week reminded me that every day is a new day and even if you had a crappy run the day before, you can have a great run THAT day.


Monday morning I ran 4.6 miles, which was a good shake out run and Tuesday was my ‘best’ run of the week with the best pace and I felt awesome. We already had 12 miles in and it was only Tuesday!



Thursday was when things started to happen where I started to feel like all was against me. I stepped wrong on a storm drain during our 8 miler run and felt the ligament stretch beyond it’s normal range. I walked for a bit and we ran the remainder of the run very slowly making sure to stretch it and move it often. Once I got home it was time to ice, ice, ice. I made sure to stretch and massage it as well.

I was pretty discouraged come Friday morning because it was tight and just had a dull ache. I was nervous because we had planned our 20 miler this weekend and I really didn’t want it to ruin this long run. Saturday morning came and I felt like it was good to go, and I knew if we had to walk or take it easy it would be okay, as long as I did injure myself more. Well Saturdays run was a true test of pushing myself and staying motivated, but we finished it and totaled up 40.6 miles this week!



It was a tough week and really pushed me both physically and mentally, but I’m glad I stuck with it and didn’t make excuses and finished all my planned runs. It’s hard when the miles start to get longer and you just start to feel bored, but it’s just like when you’re running a race and you’re at mile 14 and you know you have more to go and you just have to push through and keep going. I’m glad I got the miles in and didn’t give up!


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