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Weekly Running Recap + July Mileage

This week I had some amazing and some not so amazing running. Now that the miles are getting bit higher, it’s encouraging that I could bounce back after a bad run! It’s so hard when you struggle with a bad run to come back and not have it on your mind during the next run.

This week I ran 24.3 miles and though it doesn’t seem like a lot, we did long runs on Sunday this week, so a lot of my mile will be in next week’s recap.

This week on Sunday we ran a long run of 10 miles down in the Bay. I felt good but I was a little tired, we had just gotten back from Tahoe. I was excited to have the largest elevation climb in a month, which I’m sure helped by being in Tahoe and the hills there.


Monday was a rest day, and it was much needed. My legs were oddly sore after the 10 miler, so it was nice to sleep in and give my legs a break.

Tuesday was a bad run. It was just so blah and we cut it short and my iPhone wasn’t working well and didn’t track our run for some reason. Friday we decided to do a shorter run, which was the perfect way to start off the weekend and after that run I knew I had shaken the bad run out and that I was over it. Sometimes a bad run can stay with you and really make training difficult. I love rewarding myself after any morning run and one of my favorite things to do is stopping by Coffee Bean on my way home to get coffee to start my day off!


I’m pretty excited about my total mileage for July because I had over 100 miles! I really don’t remember the last time I hit over 100 miles, I barely eeked by but I am so excited for all the hard work I’m putting into this training. I finished with 106 miles. I am still working hard at injury prevention and glad that nothing has really sidelined me through this training round!

And the lucky winners for the Headbands of Hope Giveaway ~ Tyly and Emily! Please email me at and I will put you in touch with Jess to get your headband! I loved reading all the inspiring quotes all week long.


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