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Going, Going, back to back to…

I’m going back to High School?

Yes, I’m going back! As many of you know, I was employed for a fitness brand as their Social Media Manager, and before that I worked at an endurance event management company and also at a smaller advertising agency. I truly love my job, growing with a company, social media and marketing but I was recently offered a coaching position to become an assistant coach for both cross country and track at a high school. The school is less than a mile from B and I’s house and is where B went to high school. After a lot of thought and prayer, we both decided that I would accept the position. It’s much closer to our house so I’m not spending 3 to 3.5 hours on the freeway in traffic every day. It’s a big change for me, as I will be doing social media in a different capacity for a few smaller companies near my house but the biggest change is that I will also now be working with kids.

I previously coached back in college and loved it. It’s where I really learned how important running was to me and it was then, after taking a little over a year off running, that I started running more consistently again after my mom passed away. I searched my computer for some older coaching pics… This is what I could find.



008_8 I had to include this one… because it’s the ultimate coaching pose. Ha!

I’m really excited about this change and this past week was my first week with the team. This week I’m heading up to Big Bear for our Team Training Camp. With over 60 kids on the cross country team, it’s quite entertaining and high schoolers are hilarious and delightfully sassy. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and look forward to working with them to hopefully encourage them to make running a lifelong love of theirs.

So here’s to a new chapter as Coach D!


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