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Weekly Mileage Recap

This week was FINALLY a week where I hit over 30 miles! I’ve been on the verge for a while and I finally broke through. I ran 4.1 miles on Tuesday, which was a good run but I was pretty tired. For some reason the running that I do at the beginning of the week is hardest for me, I just feel more tired.

Wednesday was another good 6 miler. I still can’t believe that I’m getting in the miles each week before work and I’m feeling so good about my training. I finally am not skipping runs because of an accountability partner and my training is staying pretty consistent.

Thursday I took a rest day which was needed and my knees thanked me for it. We have been trying to map a few new runs so we are not constantly running on concrete of the Long Beach Bike Path and are switching it up with asphalt as well. Friday we had a longer run planned since we were going to be doing our long run of the week on Sunday. We ran a new route which was great. It and had more asphalt which I think helps my knee. I ran a short 2 miler on Saturday just to fit in 30 miles this week, because I really wanted to make it over 30.


It’s been rather muggy here and the running this past week has been sweeeeaty. We knew getting a early start on Sunday would be important because we didn’t want to be out in the sun and for it to be really hot. I was running a little behind because B unfortunately had food poisoning Saturday night and was up half the night, but thankfully once we started on Sunday Mary Kate and I were off and running, literally. The miles went by SO quickly, we were both surprised. After mile 8, we had a short stop to go to the bathroom and then finished off really strong, with our last mile being in under 9 minute pace. Besides some small twinges in my knee, I felt great and really strong for the first time in a long time.


On our way home we stopped to get a donut and ice to take ice baths in. A guy who was getting ready to head to the beach asked us if we were having a party, and Mary Kate said,  “No, we’re going back home to take an ice bath…”

I also have been trying to fit in icing my knee and more stretching as often as possible. I know I am very bad at remembering to stretch so I am making a conscious effort to do so! I’m so glad that my legs are feeling good and our training is staying consistent.


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