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Weekly Mileage Recap

This week was another good week for me and I think the key to running well is making sure to take care of your body! I have been taking extra time to foam roll and ice and it’s really making a difference. I have had some issues with my knee in the past few weeks, and with icing two times for twenty minutes each after my run, my knee is feeling much better.

Monday I ran 4 miles, Tuesday I ran 5 miles and Thursday I did 8 back in Long Beach. We left on Friday to head to Lake Tahoe. I finished off the week with another high mileage week for me with 27 miles in the book and I’m really happy that my training is picking up. I have been working hard on trying to also pick up the pace as well, which makes me think that my longer, slow runs during training are paying off and making the shorter mileage runs faster.


On Thursday I ran 8 miles that was actually at one of the fastest paces I’ve ran in a while on a training run. The sun was just rising and it was perfect! I felt so invigorated and totally hit the ‘runners high’ during the run.


Friday we drove up to Tahoe and got in an evening run which was awesome to shake out my legs from the drive when we got up here. Saturday and Sunday were more shorter runs in Tahoe as well, which is a beautiful place to run! The elevation is hard but I am getting a little bit more used to it as I’ve run 4 times out of the 3 days we’ve been here thus far.


How can you not run when your views look like this? It’s been a great time and this next week I’m sure I’ll have some epic photos from my runs this week. I am shooting for another at least 30 mile week this week, which may be difficult since I’m out of town, but don’t want to lose what I’ve worked up to thus far!


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