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The first hurdle

When running is easy, it makes sense. It’s easier to get up in the mornings. It’s fun to run, everything clicks and you feel like you can run for miles. That’s usually how training starts off. You’re feeling great, the running gods are smiling down on you and things are just easy.

Then you hit your first hurdle. The first thing that makes you want to stop. It’s frustrating  harder to get up and your body aches. My first struggle I’m dealing with during this training round is my right knee. It’s starting to get a little sore and I know that I need to spend more time icing it and making sure I’m taking the time to stretch and also paying attention to it when it’s sore. Injury prevention is so important and it’s something that I really struggle with. I usually push myself until I’m REALLY hurt and then I have to stop. It’s not healthy and I can’t let myself do that this training round.


This past weekend we had a great run in Back Bay. It was perfect running weather, no one was out and we both felt great. It was after when I started to feel the pain creeping into my knee and to be honest, it scared me. I don’t want to be injured and I want to train hard to run a full this fall.

I am working on taking time for myself and making sure that I do something preventative  for my injuries before they flare up. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles in the morning with Mary Kate, and we ran together this morning again and I ran 6 miles. I know that with my mileage increasing I need to take the same amount of time I’m putting towards running into stretching, icing and foam rolling or training isn’t going to go well, and taking care of myself is worth it.


When I have a good run, it’s so worth it. So taking that extra time to make sure I can make those good runs happen is something that I’m focusing on right now. I usually let it fall to the wayside, but not this training round. This time I’m going to get over that first hurdle and not let it affect me down the road.


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