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TevaSphere Review

I recently was contacted by Teva to review their latest shoe, the TevaSphere. I was not even familiar that they were making a running shoe so I was interested to see what they had come up with and also was pleasantly surprised as well!


One thing that is SUPER important to me is a bit wider toe box. As you run, your feet swell and I usually end up with bloody toes. After a 5 miler in these, I hadn’t a trace of blood so I took that as a good sign that they were okay for my feet. I tried them out on a total of 4 runs thus far, all around 3-5 miles and all on dirt and asphalt terrain. I did like the extra cushion in the center of the shoe and the overall lightweight feel as well. The gripped the ground a little better than my normal running shoes as well which I appreciated since I was running on dirt. It took me a few runs to get used to the center part of the shoe, but I loved the extra support!


On the TevaSphere website, it says that the ” TevaSphere outsole uses a spherical heel with two support pods to give you lightweight minimalism without sacrificing stability,” which you can totally tell in the shoe. They are still supportive without weighing you down. I didn’t have any pain in my shins on any of the runs wearing these either, which is great and proved to me that they were supportive enough for me. I do plan on running in these when I run the nature trail near my house which is gravel and the closest I get to trail running these days! If you’d like to test out the TevaSphere yourself, use the code TSBLOG-MEXA-U6Z3-K4R2-F6HD; for 15% off one pair of shoes. If you’d like to place multiple orders for the shoes, you’ll have to place separate orders. The code is good through July 31st.

They have a few videos about the shoes and a more in depth description of the science behind the shoe on their website, so make sure to check it out! They also have the best looking color combos :)

With any running shoe, it’s important to get what works for YOU. I recommend that you head to your local running store to get professionally fitted to find your perfect shoe.


Disclosure – All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see Ts and Cs tab for more information.


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