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La Palma 10K Race Recap

This race is near and dear to my heart… It’s the city where I grew up, and I’ve been running it for quite a few years now! I love running the streets I used to run in high school training for Cross Country, it makes it that much more fun. It’s such a small race, but a great way to start off one of my favorite holidays, The 4th of July!

george-10k-4th-of-july-raceThis was the second year that I also ran with George! He is quite the runner, and his training was right on par for the 10K this year. We had run up to 5 miles together. The difference between George and I is that he is super fast. If I could have run faster during the 10K, we would have, but I was running as fast as I could have!

The first mile, he TOOK off… and dragged me right behind him. Our first mile was a 6:39… don’t even ask me how I didn’t throw up! He finally slowed down, or maybe I pulled him back a bit and we found a better pace. The course is a 5K course that you run two loops of.

Mile 2 was 7:50, and Mile 3 was 8:06. Mile 4 was 8:43 and mile 5 was 9:07. Mile 6 was back at 8:47. There were two water stops that we passed a total of twice each, and each time I did stop to give him just a little bit of water and walked for a few steps to make sure he wasn’t too hot and he was doing okay. Each time he wanted to start running again right away. At the finish, I let him run as fast as he wanted, and of course, he dragged me across the finish line! We finished at 51:19.


Mary Kate’s BF took this photo of us at the finish line, we are flying! The best part of the La Palma Race is the Popsicles at the finish line, and I even gave George just a little bit as a treat. It’s fun because everyone cannot believe how fast he is running and little he is. Everyone after the race asked what kind of dog he was. It was a fun race, even though he’s the hardest running partner to keep up with!

I also got Mary Kate to run the race and I saw Kristy at the race as well!


It’s always so fun to dress up for small races and I’m glad that I ran this one yet again this year. It’s a fun tradition to keep going, and George loves pulling me along the course!


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