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June Miles Recap

June was a very good month for me. It started out great, and ended a little rough with some allergies and sinus issues, but it’s the most miles I’ve run in a long time in a month and I’m proud of that. I ran 84 miles! I haven’t had any injuries yet and have been doing a lot of preventative foam rolling and stretching to make sure that nothing develops.

Last week was difficult for me, because I was dealing with allergies and a sinus infection during the week and couldn’t breath through my nose at all. I really was looking forward to having a solid training week, but I knew taking a step back and taking a break and letting my body heal was the best idea. I am really glad I did, even though it was hard when I was waking up at 4:30 every morning because of my new routine.

This past weekend we went to Catalina and it was a great time, I even was lucky enough to fit in one killer run. The views were amazing, even in the blazing heat.


This was the trail I ran on, even though I only ran on it for about 2.5 miles, it was great, steep and really fun! The views were so scenic, and the there was no cloud cover like down at the beach.


I’m so not used to running on this terrain! I almost didn’t go for this run but I’m so glad I did.


The elevation gain was something pretty tough for me, since I NEVER run barely any hills, but the view at the top was great! The rest of the weekend was a blast, sun, drinks and friends :)


In the month of July, I’m looking to hit over 100 miles! We’ll see if I can, but I am hopefully going to hit that mark. I’ll be sharing my training plan and upcoming races later this week!


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