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What Running Means to Me

It’s one of my favorite days of the year, besides the obvious holidays… One day where runners are extra friendly, the miles click by easily, and you can celebrate just by lacing up your shoes. Running is a individual sport but it’s also a community, and a community that comes together in the form of races and group runs. It’s a community that supports each other, encourages each other, and brings people together for the love of one thing. Running. It doesn’t matter how far you run, or how fast you run, it just matters that you get out there and go for a run, that’s what makes you a runner.

During my recent morning runs I am putting in more miles and I can feel the stress leave my body as I take each step. I take a deep breath, step off the bricks in front of our house, clear my mind and just go run. The cloudy June mornings offer the perfect umbrella from the sun. The morning dampness means that summer is just around the corner, but for a few more miles, it will be chilly and humid, instead of hot and sunny. The people I see are starting to become familiar, and each morning, their smiling face, their waves and their friendly attitude reminds me how strong this community is and how awesome runners are.


After last year and recovery from my training injuries, I’m really grateful for the miles I’ve been able to run lately. I’m thankful for the time it gives me to empty my heart out on the pavement, whether I’m running to release tension at work, gather ideas for our next project at home, or just listening to Maroon 5, it’s ME time, and it’s so important to have that time. It’s SO hard sometimes to get up and change into workout clothes, and it’s so frustrating to be exhausted for those first  5 minutes of every run, wanting to be back in bed, hitting the snooze over and over, but then my breathing becomes normal, I hit my stride, and I just relax. I find the zone where my legs just keep going and I don’t even have to think about it. The miles quietly tick by and before I know it, my mind is refreshed, and I’m cruising right back into my driveway, right back where I started… but with a new outlook and a thankful heart to start my day.

I’m so thankful for running and all it’s gotten me through in life. Here’s to National Running Day and putting in some miles of time that you’ll never regret.


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