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Weekly Recap

This week was an interesting week for me. It started out decent, but Monday morning I was feeling very dehydrated and just felt tired overall. We still got in 6 miles though. Tuesday I went to the gym to get in some cross training and felt much better.

Wednesday we decided to do hill repeats and ran 4.2 miles of hills, which was great and I usually tend to stay away from hill training. It never works out well for me come race day on a hilly course. It was also finally a morning where we saw a gorgeous sunrise! So many of the recent morning runs we’ve done have been cloudy with the marine layer so this was beautiful.


Thursday I took a rest day and¬†unfortunately¬† it was bound to happen, but Friday I overslept and didn’t meet up for the run. I went to the gym for 45 minutes and then had a doctors appointment before work that took so much longer than anticipated, but I am getting some bloodwork done to make sure that nothing is wrong with me. Friday night, B and I FINALLY got to hang out. Over the last 45 days, I’ve only seen him about 18 of the days with all his travels. We went to the Angel game for his Dad’s birthday and even though the Angels lost, it was still really fun.


Saturday it was time for another long run, and this time we did 12 miles! It was much warmer out, which made me happy. I love the heat! I haven’t run this far since the Pittsburgh Half, so it was good to get back out there. We ran later than our normal 5 am, so we got another great sunrise!


Though this week I only got in 20 miles, I do feel like my body needed a rest if I overslept on Friday. I am happy that we got in a long run too, even though I was pretty bummed about missing on Friday. Oh well, I can’t dwell on that and am happy to be back in a routine!


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