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Summer Running FAVES!


Happy JUNE!! I can’t believe it’s already June and this summer is going to be so much fun, training for a full is on the schedule! I also wanted to share just a few of my Summer Running Faves…

Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 – Okay, so I’m pretty sad to say this, but Claude is officially going to be retired. This new gem is AMAZING and I love running with it. It has awesome functionality and also comes with a heart rate monitor which I’m excited to start using and learn more about how to make the most of my workouts. It tracks time, splits, miles, and pace.

Dole Frozen Fruits – So this is pretty strange being on a running list, BUT I am all about convenience.  With over an hour commute both ways to and from work, long runs and a grumbling stomach, breakfast on the go and convenience is what is going to make my life so much easier. These are a GREAT option when I need fruit for a smoothie, or even to take to work for a snack in the afternoon. I love all the options that Dole has and the fact that it’s straight just frozen fruit, no additives. It’s also great to act as ‘ice’ in smoothies so they don’t get watery!

Coola Sunscreen SPF 35 – What’s a get ready for summer post without sunscreen? I love Coola because it’s organic, which I’m getting more into lately. I also love the spray because it’s great for on the go. When I’m prepping for a run in the morning it’s easier than lotioning and oiling! Name that movie!! I also like the tinted moisturizer on my face for when I’m running as well, because it doesn’t leave my face NAKED looking.

Balega Ultra Light Socks – I didn’t want to like these, because they are kind of expensive, but I LOVE THEM :( Poor B! He’s going to be mad at my expensive taste. I LOVE the cushion in these socks and also the light weight of them. They have a great little cushion in the ankle area as well. They’re great for longer runs when I know I’ll be on my feet for a long time, which are in my future…

Brooks Versatile Running Shorts – These are my new favorite. I want them in ALL COLORS. Brooks – Do you hear? MAKE THESE IN EVERY COLOR. The bigger elastic waistband make your waist look smaller, they fit better, don’t hit your leg mid thigh and make your legs look longer. Another huge bonus? They don’t creep up… BEST PART? POCKETS. I cannot even convey how much love I have for these shorts.

Ryders Sunglasses & Oakley Sunglasses – As the sun comes out more and more, it’s SO important to protect your eyes. I love my Oakley Sunglasses but they are expensive! If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, try out Ryder Sunglasses. I did a review of the Ryders I wear a while back and I usually switch out between the two pairs depending on what mood I’m in. Both are comfortable and stay put even when doing long runs! My eye doctor always tells me to wear my sunglasses! (Ryders I have/Oakleys I Have)

Team Sparkle HeadSweat Visor & Violet Love Headbands – So my love for Violet Love continues. I first reviewed them here and cannot get enough. These are my go to for flyaways when running and stay put! I recently also got this Team Sparkle Visor during the Ragnar Relay and I’m obsessed. I’ll be wearing it all summer long when the sun is out for long runs and it’s true… Sparkles make things more fun. It’s a great fit and stays put as well, which is so important during the summer when you’re out sweating!

Under Armour Tanks – The Undeniable Tank & Mesh Fly By Tank are my newest loves. I will be getting quite a few more Mesh Fly By Tanks, they come in so many great colors! These tanks are a part of my every day wear and my running wear. I love how lightweight they are and the little pocket on the front of the Undeniable is so cute. I didn’t even realize the mesh tank was also Under Armour too… This might be a go to for the upcoming long runs on the weekend! The length on both of these tanks is awesome and they both are looser fitting, which I like a lot. The little elastic piece in the back of the Mesh tank is another great touch, and I love the razor back. Overall, these are my favorite lately!

Koss Fit Series Earbuds – I recently bought the SkullCandy Chops Headphones because I needed some new ones, and sadly, they don’t work at all for me. I tried these and LOVE them, they are PERFECT for staying in, long runs, and the gym. They’re lightweight and I hope they last a long time because the sound is also perfect. They are clean, neat and I have the FitClips, which fit around my ear and are soft on my ears as well. Now I need to find an armband that isn’t from 2007 that I love as well.

Happy Running and Happy {almost} Summer!


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