Kelly’s Korner ~ Show us your Singles… MY BROTHER

Over on Kelly’s Korner it’s Show us your Singles… and I have been waiting for the 7th round of this forever! I finally am jumping on board and showcasing my lovely brother.Ā  He lives nearby B and I in Southern California and I even got him to approve this post, so he knows I’m doing this and is actually okay with it.


Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.31.25 PM

My brother works for a construction like company and he will turn 25 on July 5! He wants to have a niece or nephew soon, but since I’m his only sibling, that’s not in the near future. Keep holding your breath! But I do know he loves kids and also is great with them. He has always loved to surf, the beach, camping, snowboarding, hunting and anything outdoors. He is one of the most loyal people I know, and has a very big heart. He also has some pretty serious style that I’m kind of jealous of. He is a hard worker and likes his job, though he sometimes has to work long hours. He goes to Church and grew up in a Christian Family, like myself. God is an important part of his life and he also belongs to a bible study group. He recently also adopted a small puppy that was living behind my grandparent’s shed.

He is also very, very clean. He would ALWAYS be mad at me for ‘getting ready’ in the bathroom and leaving a mess and he is a vacuuming fiend. He’s very smart and driven. He’s one of those guys who is naturally good at everything. He’s great at painting, anything musical and sports. It was annoying growing up because he was so good at everything and I always wondered what my talents were :)

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.32.02 PM

So if you are in the general Southern California vicinity, you can either leave a comment or email me – [email protected] and I can set you up on a blind date!

I’ll be back on Monday with a weekend running recap! Have a great weekend!


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6 Responses to Kelly’s Korner ~ Show us your Singles… MY BROTHER

  1. Dominique C says:

    Neat Freak! Ha, my kind of guy. Those are few and far between these days. ;) Well, originally from SoCo but now living on the other side of the USA. Sounds like a quality man though, best of luck!

  2. Morgan says:

    Wow, I am bummed I won’t be living in SoCal much longer! A good looking, neat, Christian guy.. your brother sounds like a catch!

  3. what an amazing brother you have! he sounds like a very nice guy with a lot of heart! please feel free to check out my blog!

  4. Sandy says:

    He sounds like the perfect man! I am surprised he is single because he is handsome boy!

  5. karissa johnstone says:

    Would LOVE to get to know this good looking Godly man! Even though I am not in your immediate vicinity, I would still be interested. Look forward to your response.

  6. Julia Yohe says:

    Your brother seems so nice. Too bad I’m no longer residing in the vicinity of Southern California. My sister who is turning 23 this year is still there. Perhaps, she will be interested. I will show this post to her. ;-)

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