Going to be here before I know it!

These weeks have been flying by. I was nervous about Ragnar and before I knew where time went it was over and I spent the following days after in a Team Sparkle Hangover… Waking up wondering when I was going to run, sipping nuun at work, eating sharkies for snack time and wearing compression pants under my jeans. I kept thinking TAKE ME BACCCCCK! Alas, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be!

My ankle is pretty sore still though, which worries me. This weekend I’m heading to the big P (Pittsburgh to be exact) to tackle the Dick’s Sporting Good Pittsburgh Half Marathon, which will be interesting with a bit of an ankle issue going on. I got this last week and it made everything REAL that I’ll be running again and soon!


It made me so excited for race weekend, even with a bum ankle! Another super exciting piece of my trip is that I get to see my friend Lindsay in Pittsburgh! She recently took a job for the University of Pittsburgh as their assistant volleyball coach and is running the relay with her fellow coaches!! I can’t wait to see her and her new city as well as run the half on Sunday :)

As for the ankle… I have been icing and stretching a lot but still have slight pain in my tendon. I tried to get into my local sports therapy place for some ART but no luck and will have to wait until after my race. I am nervous of the injury but know I don’t have too much time to start rehabbing it now before the race and I have ample time after the race to take care of it and see the doctor. So this weekend will be interesting, and I’ll least I’ll be in a new place with new fun scenery to get me through the miles I’ll be running!

Also – If you haven’t seen the #RunFor Videos, the latest one is another great one! Check them all out here, I’ve been enjoying all the videos so much as the race gets closer and closer! They are all so different and inspiring for many reasons.


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7 Responses to Going to be here before I know it!

  1. Have a blast in Pittsburg!!! And take care of your ankle! :)

  2. Jen says:

    Pittsburg is on my list! Only about 3 hours away from me. Be good to your ankle and Good luck this weekend!

  3. Sandy says:

    I hope your ankle is okay. Take it easy out there and maybe wrap it or use some KT Tape. Have a great trip!

  4. bill says:

    sorry to hear about the ankle, enjoy Pittsburg

  5. JCHokie says:

    Welcome to Pittsburgh! Hope you join all of your runners out there for the Half next year.

    Good luck!

  6. Joe says:

    Good luck in Pittsburgh, hope the ankle holds up. What is ART, anyway?

  7. Christiane says:

    Be positive and the ankle will be OK, enjoy the run.

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