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Celebrate Small Business Month!

Today is May 1, and May is one of my favorite months! It means summer is almost here, it’s Mother’s Day and I can celebrate all the important women in my life, this year, I’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh shortly, to visit one of my best friends AND run an amazing Race on Cinco De Mayo, and it’s also “Small Business Month” in America!

I love Small Businesses. There’s something special about taking the time to support a business that is working hard to be unique and compete with many bigger stores. I wanted to post a list of my favorite small running businesses, locally and online, and then a few of my favorite small business that have nothing to do with anything besides the fact that I like them :)


Legacy Running Store – Located in Long Beach and Lakewood, CA, offer amazing service, exceptional selection and online shopping! I love stopping by, talking about upcoming races and picking up the latest nuun flavor.


Nuun – To me they aren’t considering small business, but they probably technically are. They offer great sugar free hydration tablets that you add to water. These are great on my stomach when running! I swear by them.


Sparkle Athletics – I seriously love what this company stands for, and their products. Who doesn’t want to be a part of Team Sparkle! It empowers women to sparkle while they are working out or running, making workout out more fun, running more fun, and spectating much more easy at races. Their skirts also have the best fit and are the most flattering too.


Zensah – They have great products and I love their compression socks. They sports bras are one of the only ones I haven’t had issues with when running long distances too!

I also love Violet Love Headbands, Picky Bars, Flying Dog Collars, Activyst and many more that I probably have forgotten about right now! I also was recently informed that OpenSky, Dotbox, Dwolla, Edison Nation, Goodsie, ShopKeep and several other companies are joining forces for the month and awarding a Small Business a breakthrough prize! If you aren’t familiar with OpenSky, it’s kind of like pinterest for shopping, here’s a shot of how the screen looks.

Open Sky

You can follow things you like, and it will show up with small businesses that sell those products. It’s a pretty cool concept and I just recently signed up for free to check it out, but I’m still learning more about it!

Small Business Breakthrough, invites people everywhere to join the movement by taking to social media and telling their friends, family and readers about a favorite local business using the hashtag #sbbreakthru. Just shopping small business for the Month of May is awesome too!

I’m going to be shopping a lot of small businesses this weekend in Pittsburgh, can’t wait!


Just a disclaimer, no one paid me for this post, I was just alerted that it was small business month and wanted to share!


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