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What’s in my Gym Bag

I’ve gotten a few random tweets and questions about some of my favorite must haves my gym bag or what I take when I’m going to the gym. This is a pretty wide plethora of things, but they all are important to my morning routine of getting ready at the gym. I go to the gym 2 days a week in the morning. I either run in the morning and stop there on my way to work and do a quick routine or I run and work out there and run home and get ready at home.

I have two different routines to pick from… the shower and wet messy bun gross hair routine, or the dry shampoo try to salvage the hair but it’s still in a messy bun routine. Either way, I use the most of the same products. (The Dry Shampoo I use is John Frieda “Volume Refresher”, which is the best one I’ve used thus far, but I’m all out so I couldn’t take a pic)

gym bag 2 copy

1. I recently found these tanks and bought them in all the colors possible. They are cotton but I love them, they are great for summer, under a sweater for work, anytime, anyday. Obsessed.

2. I also am loving my Violet Love Headband for working out. I like that it’s larger than the strappy smaller headbands, which I haven’t found one that I like yet, and it’s such a soft material. It also makes my dirty hair not look as unkempt if I wear it to work in a high messy bun with the headband, which I happen to do often. They come in great colors and are so soft, they don’t give you a headache or get caught in your hair either.

3. Strappy Workout Bras are my go to lately. I am over the super thick straps. I just got this one and love it, and I also love the one I got from Zensah, just wish they had more colors ;)

4. I also am loving these super fun Lady Footlocker socks I got. They are perfect for me because my socks never match. I always just keep a few pairs of these in my bag and it doesn’t matter what goes with what. I also love the fun colors that peek out from my shoes too :) I couldn’t find them online, but they have them in store and they are great for the gym and running!

The shorts in my bag were from 2 years ago from Walmart. But I am digging these brooks shorts and going to grab a pair next time I’m shopping! I like the wider waistband of them, they seem to be a little bit more forgiving.

what's in my gym bag1 copy


5. Nuun. Enough Said. These are perfect for throwing in a water bottle when I’m planning to do spin or kill myself on the stair master. If you haven’t tried it, get on it.

6. I recently got addicted to this. Another costly addiction that B doesn’t appreciate :) It’s SO good and has little bits of Aloe vera plant in it. I love it on the way to work. If I don’t take an Alo, I opt for #7.

7. Zico. Refreshing coconut water that helps hydrate and replenish. I like chocolate more, but we didn’t have any in our fridge when I took this pic. :)

8. Another great thing that I recently was introduced to is the Dickinson Wipes. I actually use these before I wash my face. If I’m doing a quick workout and don’t need to shower (don’t tell my co-workers) I’ll ‘towel’ off with these before heading to work. It’s easier, they smell good and they clean me right up.

9. Then we have this new lotion that I recently got in my Influenster Box, and let me tell you, it works perfect for me. It’s by Vaseline and I really like how easy it is to use. I don’t have dry skin, but one thing I hate doing is putting on lotion. I don’t know why but it bugs me so much. This is just a quick, fast absorbing lotion spray. It’s just like sunscreen that you spray on. It makes the whole routine much faster and I don’t have rub it in.

10. Thera-gesic. Ummm yea, need this all day every day. People ask me why I always smell like peppermint and it’s worth it.

11. I always have some kind of bar in my bag to eat after, and these are my go-to right now. I love all the benefits Chia Seeds have… and I love Kombucha! This is like having a kombucha without having to refrigerate. The thing I really like in the bar is that they are so hydrating, without having to drink liquids. I also really like how gelatinous the bar gets when you eat it, that might sound gross but take my word for it, they are delicious  They’re easy to pack and the perfect amount of food pre or post workout. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Peanut Butter but I also like the Coconut too. Find out where you can try this bar near you here!

12. This is random but it’s what’s in my gym bag and this is what is in it. This smell is AMAAAAAAZING. Deodorant, So you know, I don’t smell.

13. Another quick on the go makeup product that I’m LOVING lately is the Origins Vitazing Moisturizer. I love a tinted moisturizer and this one is absolutely perfect. I actually got the trial box for Christmas and I am going to be purchasing this in full size soon. It’s smooth, gives just enough coverage and all I have to do is put on some powder after and I’m set to go. I like how even it makes my skin look, it lasts throughout the day and I never get oily. It’s so great on the go!

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