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#teamsparkle Ragnar ULTRA Day 1


The entire Team Sparkle ULTRA girls! I was so blessed to be on such an amazing team this weekend. These girls encouraged and inspired me with every mile they ran! We all ran thinking of Boston this weekend as well. The morning started early, I had to be out in Orange (about 20 minutes away) at 6 am! I woke up at 5, got everything all ready and left at 5:30. This weekend was really going to happen!


Allll of our legs to run ~ 36 in all and 195 miles… we were doing this together! It was insane looking at this each time I ran and knowing I checked another one off the list, and we just kept getting closer to the finish. That was what really drove me to keep going, the girls who had my back and knowing we were checking off the miles closer to the finish line each step of the way.


The Calm Before the storm… Little did I know what was in store for me! I was so nervous at the beginning, I didn’t want to let my team down and wanted to have fun doing the race. Another thing I was terrified of? Getting lost! Which thankfully didn’t happen! I was the red skirt the entire weekend, and let me tell you, running in sparkle makes running that much more fun. Everyone notices you, and remembers you from other parts of the course.


At the start line! Though I wasn’t leg one, we sent off our first runner of the race. There was a lot of excitement and it was really fun being there. It was then when I started thinking like ‘THIS IS REAL LIFE RIGHT HERE!’

Below are the stats from what was my first leg of the race! I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, our team was starting the epic trek from Huntington Beach to San Diego and now I was officially on board with my first leg ran.  I ran from 10:07 AM – 10:49 AM.

This run for me was a bit difficult but once I found my groove I was okay. I ran with a guy most of the time, from Team Mayhem. He was nice and took my mind off the wind and heat. Running along the trail it was so windy! It was fun running by Angel Stadium and also the Honda Center.

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 2.40.51 PM

This is what we spent the time doing between legs. Cheering on other runners and getting our girls to the exchange zone. It was a lot of fun and truly what makes ragnar so special. It’s like a giant painful party celebrating running!


Here’s a look at the exchange zone, every runner passes off a slap bracelet.  Let me tell you, that thing was gross by the end of the race!


Our Team Sparkle Van was pretty awesome… our driver rocked and I never even got carsick, which I was also nervous about with all the twists and turns we would be making to follow our runner and get to the next exchange zone.


The second leg of the race for me was tough! It was SO hot out, and I wasn’t prepared to run in the heat like that since I normally run early morning or late night and it’s been cool lately. I ran from 2:09 PM – 3:14 PM. I would say this was probably one of my harder legs of the run. I just felt slow and like every step the sun was zapping my energy. There was also a lot of dirt running which I wasn’t used to since I never run on dirt. If Team Sparkle lets me be on their team again I will prepare for that and many, many more hills!


Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 2.41.13 PM


photo 4

Then it was quickly time for my 3rd leg. This leg was a good one for me I ran from 8:39 PM – 9:43 PM and though my pace seems overall like it was slow, I actually ran 2 lower 8 minute miles in this leg and I felt like I got my stride in this run. This was the first run I’ve EVER done with a headlamp… Shocking! Even though I was nervous of getting lost, I left out my headphones and felt good! I never was scared of not being with others and stuck with a larger pack for the remainder of the run. There was one steep dirt hill that I chugged up but there was also some downhill as well toward the end. I wish all my legs on the route I felt like this!

Afterwords I got to eat half a Carls Jr. Chicken Club Sandwich, and it was delish! My stomach was still doing great, another shocker, and I was feeling awesome about being halfway done with my legs ran thus far. The girls in the van were super encouraging to me too, always telling me how awesome I was doing, not to worry and making me laugh. Such an amazing group!!

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 2.41.34 PM


Tomorrow I’ll recap the rest of the race including the finish!


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